Page 8 (HPEH - HP3X) Check out the HP 2006 Renault Clio 1.4 Expression

Home / HP Body type hatchback, HP vendor, 5 seats, wheelbase 2810 mm., curb weight 1055, height 1650 mm., length 3780 mm., width 1420 mm., displacement 1389 cc., fuel type gasoline.
  • Body: Hatchback
  • Year produced: 2006
  • Capacity (cc): 1389 cc
  • Catalog number: HP
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelBodyFuel TypeVolumeTransmission
HPEH2003 Renault Clio II 1.6Hatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPE61955 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline1996 см3Manual
HPE51950 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline2383 см3Manual
HPER2005 Renault Clio III 1.6 AutomaticHatchbackn\a1597 см3Automatic
HPEC2002 Renault Clio II 1.4 AutomaticHatchbackn\a1390 см3Automatic
HPE81952 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline2383 см3Manual
HPEP2005 Renault Clio III 1.5 dCiHatchbackn\a1460 см3Manual
HPE12005 Renault Clio V6HatchbackGasoline2957 см3Manual
HPEF2002 Renault Clio II 1.5 dCi 80Hatchbackn\a1461 см3Manual
HPEK2005 Renault Clio III 1.1Hatchbackn\a1149 см3Manual
HPEL1998 Renault Clio II 1.6 SiHatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPET2006 Renault Clio Renault SportHatchbackGasoline1997 см3Manual
HPEN2005 Renault Clio III 1.1 AutomaticHatchbackn\a1149 см3Automatic
HPE91959 Renault Dauphine n\aGasoline845 см3Manual
HPES2001 Renault Clio II Sport 2Hatchbackn\a1998 см3Manual
HPE02004 Renault Clio V6HatchbackGasoline2946 см3Manual
HPEJ1998 Renault Clio II 1.9 DHatchbackDiesel1783 см3Manual
HPEM2000 Renault Clio II 2.0HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
HPEQ2005 Renault Clio III 1.6Hatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPEZ1956 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline1996 см3Manual
HPE71954 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline1994 см3Manual
HPEE2003 Renault Clio II 1.4 AutomaticHatchbackn\a1390 см3Automatic
HPEU2003 Renault Clio Sport 2.0Hatchbackn\a1998 см3Manual
HPE31953 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline2381 см3Manual
HPEI1999 Renault Clio II 1.6Hatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPE41957 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline1996 см3Manual
HPEY2004 Renault Clio Sport V6HatchbackGasoline2946 см3Manual
HPEO2005 Renault Clio III 1.4Hatchbackn\a1390 см3Manual
HPEA2003 Renault Clio II 1.4Hatchbackn\a1390 см3Manual
HPE21951 Renault Colorale n\aGasoline2383 см3Manual
HPEW2002 Renault Clio V6HatchbackGasoline2946 см3Manual
HPEB2002 Renault Clio II 1.4Hatchbackn\a1390 см3Manual
HPEV2001 Renault Clio Sport V6Hatchbackn\a2946 см3Automatic
HPED1998 Renault Clio II 1.4 RTHatchbackn\a1390 см3Manual
HPEG1998 Renault Clio II 1.6HatchbackGasoline1598 см3Manual
HPEX2003 Renault Clio V6HatchbackGasoline2946 см3Manual
HPUH2002 Renault Megane II Sport Hatch 1.9 dCi 120Hatchbackn\a1870 см3Manual
HPU61996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 RNHatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPU51996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.4 RTEHatchbackn\a1390 см3n\a
HPUR2003 Renault Megane II Sport Tourer 1.6Hatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPUC2003 Renault Megane II Renault SportHatchbackn\a1997 см3Manual
HPU81996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 RN dTiSedann\a1868 см3Manual
HPUP2003 Renault Megane II Sport Tourer 1.4Hatchbackn\a1390 см3Manual
HPU11997 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1390 см3Manual
HPUF2006 Renault Megane II Sedan 2.0 PrivilegeSedanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HPUK2006 Renault Megane II Sport 2.0 TurboHatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
HPUL2002 Renault Megane II Sport Hatch 2.0Hatchbackn\a1998 см3Manual
HPUT2003 Renault Megane II Sport Tourer 1.5 dCiHatchbackn\a1459 см3Manual
HPUN2003 Renault Megane II Sport Sedan 1.5 dCiSedann\a1397 см3Manual
HPU91996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 RT AutomaticHatchbackn\a1647 см3Automatic
HPUS2003 Renault Megane II Sport Sedan 1.9 dCiSedann\a1870 см3Manual
HPU01998 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1388 см3Manual
HPUJ2002 Renault Megane II Sport Hatch 1.6Hatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
HPUM2003 Renault Megane II Sport Sedan 1.4Sedann\a1390 см3Manual
HPUQ2003 Renault Megane II Sport Sedan 2.0 AutomaticSedann\a1998 см3Automatic
HPUZ2001 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
HPU72005 Renault Megane Scenic RX4HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
HPUE2006 Renault Megane II Sedan Authentique 1.6SedanGasoline1596 см3Manual
HPUU2003 Renault Megane II Sport Tourer 2.0Sedann\a1998 см3Manual
HPU32003 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
HPUI2006 Renault Megane II Sedan Privilege 1.9 dCiSedanDiesel1870 см3Manual
HPU42002 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
HPUY1996 Renault Megane ScenicHatchbackGasoline1390 см3Manual
HPUO2003 Renault Megane II Sport Sedan 1.6Sedann\a1598 см3Manual
HPUA2002 Renault Megane II Hatchback 1.9 dCi 120Hatchbackn\a1783 см3Manual
HPU21999 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1460 см3Manual
HPUW2004 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1459 см3Manual
HPUB2002 Renault Megane II Hatchback 2.0Hatchbackn\a1998 см3Manual
HPUV2005 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
HPUD2006 Renault Megane II Hatch Dynamique 1.6HatchbackGasoline1598 см3Manual
HPUG2006 Renault Megane II Sedan Expression 1.6SedanGasoline1598 см3Manual
HPUX2000 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
HP3H1979 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP361971 Renault 17 TSn\an\a1565 см3Manual
HP351973 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3R1976 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1216 см3Manual
HP3C1977 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP381985 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1395 см3Manual
HP3P1979 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1217 см3Manual
HP311974 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1287 см3n\a
HP3F1976 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP3K1981 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HP3L1969 Renault 12 TSn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP3T1977 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HP3N1975 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP391977 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3S1980 Renault 14 1.4HatchbackGasoline1360 см3Manual
HP301975 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3J1978 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP3M1980 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HP3Q1982 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1217 см3Manual
HP3Z1980 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP371980 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
HP3E1970 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP3U1976 Renault 14 GTLHatchbackn\a1218 см3Manual
HP331971 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3I1972 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP341976 Renault 15 1.6n\aGasoline1647 см3n\a
HP3Y1979 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3O1978 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HP3A1980 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP321972 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3W1983 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HP3B1973 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1288 см3Manual
HP3V1976 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HP3D1974 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP3G1971 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HP3X1979 Renault 14 1.2HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual