2008 Renault Trafic 1.9dCi (5B)

Home / 5B Fuel type diesel, 5B vendor, inline engine, displacement 1870 cc., engine location front, transmission type manual, 9 seats, curb weight 1845, body type van, cylinder bore 80,0 mm.
  • Body: Van
  • Year produced: 2008
  • Capacity (cc): 1870 cc
  • Catalog number: 5B
  • Fuel type: Diesel

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Catalog CodeModelBodyFuel TypeVolumeTransmission
5BHH1973 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BH61984 Renault 18 Break 2.0n\aGasoline1995 см3n\a
5BH51985 Renault 18 Break 2.0n\aGasoline1995 см3n\a
5BHR1983 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
5BHC1975 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BH81978 Renault 18 GTXn\an\a1995 см3Manual
5BHP1980 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1645 см3Manual
5BH11982 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BHF1971 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BHK1985 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1395 см3Manual
5BHL1977 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BHT1982 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1645 см3Manual
5BHN1984 Renault 18 2n\aGasoline1995 см3n\a
5BH91978 Renault 18 TL Breakn\an\a1397 см3Manual
5BHS1981 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
5BH01978 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
5BHJ1980 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BHM1979 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BHQ1978 Renault 18 1.6n\aGasoline1645 см3Manual
5BHZ1979 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
5BH71986 Renault 18 Break 2.0n\aGasoline1993 см3n\a
5BHE1972 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BHU1983 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BH31971 Renault 15 1.6n\aGasoline1565 см3n\a
5BHI1971 Renault 17 TSn\an\a1565 см3Manual
5BH41986 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BHY1978 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BHO1981 Renault 18 2.1 Dn\aDiesel2068 см3n\a
5BHA1979 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BH21984 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
5BHW1984 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
5BHB1980 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
5BHV1974 Renault 17 Gordinin\an\a1606 см3Manual
5BHD1974 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1287 см3n\a
5BHG1976 Renault 15 1.6n\aGasoline1647 см3n\a
5BHX1981 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1396 см3Manual
5B6H1979 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline843 см3Manual
5B661998 Renault Safrane 2.2 dTHatchbackn\a2188 см3Automatic
5B651993 Renault Safrane 2.0 RT SiHatchbackn\a1998 см3Manual
5B6R1978 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline845 см3Manual
5B6C2000 Renault P55 n\an\a900 см3Automatic
5B681995 Renault Safrane 2.5 AutomaticHatchbackn\a2435 см3Automatic
5B6P1993 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1995 см3Manual
5B611994 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1995 см3Manual
5B6F1985 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline1106 см3n\a
5B6K1976 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline845 см3Manual
5B6L1996 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
5B6T2000 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
5B6N1995 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1995 см3Manual
5B691999 Renault Safrane 2.9HatchbackGasoline2946 см3Automatic
5B6S1999 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
5B601975 Renault Rodeo 1.3n\aGasoline1287 см3Manual
5B6J1979 Renault RS 11 n\aGasoline1491 см3n\a
5B6M1992 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1995 см3Manual
5B6Q1983 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline1108 см3n\a
5B6Z1997 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
5B671995 Renault Safrane 2.5Hatchbackn\a2434 см3Manual
5B6E1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2n\an\a1527 см3Manual
5B6U1986 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline1108 см3n\a
5B631992 Renault Safrane 2.1 DHatchbackDiesel2068 см3Manual
5B6I1992 Renault Racoon n\an\a3000 см3Manual
5B641996 Renault Safrane 2.2 DHatchbackDiesel2187 см3Manual
5B6Y1998 Renault Safrane HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
5B6O1975 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline844 см3Manual
5B6A2008 Renault Modus 1.6 Expression AutomaticMinivanGasoline1598 см3Automatic
5B621993 Renault Safrane 2Hatchbackn\a1995 см3Manual
5B6W1980 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline845 см3Manual
5B6B2007 Renault Modus 1.6 ESP DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1598 см3n\a
5B6V1986 Renault Rodeo 5n\aGasoline1108 см3Manual
5B6D1981 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline1108 см3n\a
5B6G1982 Renault RE 30 Bn\aGasoline1400 см3n\a
5B6X1984 Renault Rodeo n\aGasoline1108 см3n\a
5B5H2003 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
5B562006 Renault Modus 1.4 ExpressionMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B552007 Renault Modus 1.4 ExpressionMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5R2005 Renault Megane Sedan 1.9 dCi PrivilegeSedann\a1869 см3Manual
5B5C1996 Renault Megane ScenicHatchbackGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B582011 Renault Modus 1.4 ExpressionMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5P2005 Renault Megane Sedan 1.6 ExpressionSedann\a1598 см3Manual
5B512010 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5F1997 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5K1996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 RNHatchbackn\a1598 см3Manual
5B5L2005 Renault Megane Scenic RX4HatchbackGasoline1998 см3Manual
5B5T2005 Renault Modus 1.2MinivanGasoline1149 см3Manual
5B5N1996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 RT AutomaticHatchbackn\a1647 см3Automatic
5B592004 Renault Modus 1.5 dCiMinivanDiesel1461 см3Manual
5B5S1994 Renault Modus Minivann\a1799 см3Manual
5B502005 Renault Megane Sedan 2.0 PrivilegeSedann\a1998 см3Manual
5B5J1996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.4 RTEHatchbackn\a1390 см3n\a
5B5M1996 Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 RN dTiSedann\a1868 см3Manual
5B5Q2005 Renault Megane Sedan 1.6 Expression AutomaticSedann\a1598 см3Automatic
5B5Z2009 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B572009 Renault Modus 1.4 ExpressionMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5E1998 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1388 см3Manual
5B5U2007 Renault Modus 1.2 AuthentiqueMinivanGasoline1148 см3Manual
5B532012 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5I2002 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
5B542008 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5Y2007 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5O2005 Renault Megane Sedan 1.6 AuthentiqueSedann\a1598 см3Manual
5B5A2004 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1459 см3Manual
5B522011 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5W2006 Renault Modus 1.4 DynamiqueMinivanGasoline1390 см3Manual
5B5B2000 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
5B5V2008 Renault Modus 1.2 AuthentiqueMinivanGasoline1149 см3Manual
5B5D2001 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1461 см3Manual
5B5G1999 Renault Megane ScenicSedanGasoline1460 см3Manual
5B5X2004 Renault Modus 1.4MinivanGasoline1459 см3Manual