1993 Renault HO Clio 1.4 Automatic Review

Home / HO Cylinder bore 75,8 mm., HO vendor, 5 doors, transmission type automatic, body type hatchback, redline 6000 rpm., torque net 107 nm., maximum power 4000 rpm.
  • Body: Hatchback
  • Year produced: 1993
  • Capacity (cc): 1390 cc
  • Catalog number: HO
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelBodyFuel TypeVolumeTransmission
HOHH2012 Renault Duster 1.6 AWDSUVGasoline1598 см3Manual
HOH62008 Renault Espace 1.9 dCi AvantageMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
HOH52006 Renault Espace 1.9 dCi AvantageMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
HOHR2005 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HOHC2011 Renault Duster 1.6SUVGasoline1598 см3Manual
HOH81999 Renault Espace 2MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HOHP1988 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOH11987 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOHF2010 Renault Duster 1.6 AWDSUVGasoline1598 см3Manual
HOHK2002 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HOHL1986 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1993 см3Manual
HOHT1990 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1996 см3n\a
HOHN1985 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOH92002 Renault Espace 2MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HOHS1992 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1994 см3Manual
HOH02003 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HOHJ2002 Renault Ellypse n\aDiesel1200 см3Automatic
HOHM1999 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOHQ1989 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3n\a
HOHZ1984 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1994 см3Manual
HOH72007 Renault Espace 1.9 DCi AvantageMinivanDiesel1869 см3Manual
HOHE2012 Renault Duster 1.6SUVGasoline1598 см3Manual
HOHU1995 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOH32004 Renault Espace 1.9 dCi AuthentiqueMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
HOHI2011 Renault Duster 1.6 AWDSUVGasoline1598 см3Manual
HOH42005 Renault Espace 1.9 dCi AuthentiqueMinivanDiesel1869 см3Manual
HOHY1993 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOHO1997 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOHA2010 Renault Duster 1.5 dCi AWDSUVDiesel1461 см3Manual
HOH21999 Renault Espace 1.9 DMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
HOHW1994 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HOHB2011 Renault Duster 1.5 dCi AWDSUVDiesel1461 см3Manual
HOHV2004 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
HOHD2012 Renault Duster 1.5 dCi AWDSUVDiesel1461 см3Manual
HOHG2010 Renault Duster 1.6SUVGasoline1598 см3Manual
HOHX1991 Renault Espace MinivanGasoline1995 см3Manual
HO6H1986 Renault 18 Break 2.0n\aGasoline1993 см3n\a
HO661993 Renault 19 Cabrioletn\aGasoline1764 см3Manual
HO651992 Renault 19 1.9 RT Turbodieseln\an\a1870 см3Manual
HO6R1992 Renault 19 1.2i RNn\an\a1171 см3Manual
HO6C1984 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
HO681996 Renault 19 Cabrioletn\aGasoline1794 см3n\a
HO6P1994 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1237 см3n\a
HO611994 Renault 19 Cabrioletn\aGasoline1764 см3Manual
HO6F1985 Renault 18 Break 2.0n\aGasoline1995 см3n\a
HO6K1981 Renault 18 Break 2.1 Dn\aDiesel2068 см3n\a
HO6L1993 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1235 см3n\a
HO6T1988 Renault 19 1.4 Automaticn\aGasoline1388 см3Automatic
HO6N1990 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1237 см3n\a
HO691990 Renault 19 Chamaden\aGasoline1390 см3Manual
HO6S1995 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1237 см3n\a
HO601988 Renault 19 1.8 16Sn\an\a1763 см3Manual
HO6J1978 Renault 18 TL Breakn\an\a1397 см3Manual
HO6M1988 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1237 см3n\a
HO6Q1989 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1235 см3n\a
HO6Z1992 Renault 19 1.9 RN Dieseln\an\a1870 см3Manual
HO671995 Renault 19 Cabrioletn\aGasoline1792 см3Manual
HO6E1986 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
HO6U1992 Renault 19 1.4in\an\a1390 см3Manual
HO631992 Renault 19 Cabrioletn\aGasoline1764 см3Manual
HO6I1978 Renault 18 GTXn\an\a1995 см3Manual
HO641988 Renault 19 1.9 Dn\aDiesel1869 см3Manual
HO6Y1992 Renault 19 1.8 MPIn\an\a1794 см3Manual
HO6O1991 Renault 19 n\aGasoline1237 см3n\a
HO6A1978 Renault 18 Breakn\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
HO621992 Renault 19 1.8 SPIn\an\a1794 см3Manual
HO6W1988 Renault 19 1.7n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
HO6B1982 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
HO6V1988 Renault 19 1.8n\aGasoline1764 см3Manual
HO6D1971 Renault 15 1.6n\aGasoline1565 см3n\a
HO6G1984 Renault 18 Break 2.0n\aGasoline1995 см3n\a
HO6X1988 Renault 19 1.4n\aGasoline1388 см3Manual
HO5H1979 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO561971 Renault 17 TSn\an\a1565 см3Manual
HO551973 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5R1976 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1216 см3Manual
HO5C1977 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO581985 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1395 см3Manual
HO5P1979 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1217 см3Manual
HO511974 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1287 см3n\a
HO5F1976 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO5K1981 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HO5L1969 Renault 12 TSn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO5T1977 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HO5N1975 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO591977 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5S1980 Renault 14 1.4HatchbackGasoline1360 см3Manual
HO501975 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5J1978 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO5M1980 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HO5Q1982 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1217 см3Manual
HO5Z1980 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO571980 Renault 18 n\aGasoline1397 см3Manual
HO5E1970 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO5U1976 Renault 14 GTLHatchbackn\a1218 см3Manual
HO531971 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5I1972 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO541976 Renault 15 1.6n\aGasoline1647 см3n\a
HO5Y1979 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5O1978 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HO5A1980 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO521972 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5W1983 Renault 14 HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual
HO5B1973 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1288 см3Manual
HO5V1976 Renault 15 n\aGasoline1289 см3n\a
HO5D1974 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO5G1971 Renault 12 Breakn\aGasoline1289 см3Manual
HO5X1979 Renault 14 1.2HatchbackGasoline1218 см3Manual